Do I need to own a Mopar to be a member?
No. We have members that used to own Mopars, members that want to own Mopars and members who are just interested in Mopars. Although we are a Mopar based club, our friends own Chevys, Fords, Hot Rods and other makes and models.

What do I get when I join?
If you're joining to get free stuff, then you're joining the wrong club. When you join you get the joy of belonging to a club of enthusiasts like yourself. You get on the list and get invited to all of our Mopar events including the monthly meetings and annual parties. You get access to Member Only areas of the website and a free email address, if you want one.

Does the club attend Carlisle together?
Usually a group of members drives to Chryslers at Carlisle together. We leave on Thursday. At 7:30am we meet at Angelo's Esso Truck stop on HWY 416. You take exit 1, just before the HWY 401 as if you're taking the bridge to the USA, don't miss it or you end up on the 410! Most stay at the Amerihost Inn in Shippensburg, PA. Each member is responsible for organizing their own room, if they want one. If you don't have a room yet, you'd better get on that! You need to book a room a few months in advance, maybe earlier.

Amerihost Inn
125 Walnut Bottom Rd.
Shippensburg, PA

Some others stay a little closer. You need to book a room 6 months in advance, maybe earlier (1 year?) at this place!

Days Inn
101 Alexander Spring Rd.
Carlisle, PA

What events does CAM sponsor?
CAM organizes the Evolution of Wheels show at the Museum of Science and Technology. It's held the first Sunday in July after July 1. It's an all-makes car show, with participation from the Museum. It's getting quite large and everyone loves the laid-back and not too organized aspects of it. Talk to your fellow CAM members about helping out the day of the show!

When are the monthly meetings?
Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Ottawa Citizen building at 1101 Baxter Rd., Ottawa. The coffee and donuts are free. Members, guests and visitors welcome. UPDATE: Lately we've just been meeting at Montanas restaurant right beside the Citizen Building, for a laid back meeting, more like a social gethering. It seems to be attracting a large crowd and is lots of fun...give Tim a call if you're going so we know how big a table to reserve.

What goes on there, and am I allowed to go?
Yes, you're allowed to go! Bring your friends! Usually we talk about cars. As events approach, we talk about those events and plan for them.

What is the Evolution of Wheels?
It's a one-day all-makes car show organized by CAM and the Museum on the gounds of the Museum of Science and Technology. There's tours of the Museum warehouses, a children's activity area, and museum employees cruising the parking lot in vintage vehicles from the museum's collection.

What script do you use for the Swap Shop?
It's something we created on our own. Basically I started with a basic cgi guestbook script and added to it, modified it, stretched it....and after a very long time, got what you see now. If you want to use it, no problem. Just email our webmaster, neil(AT) and I'll hook you up!

What is ByWard Market Auto Classic?
It's an all-makes show in the Byward Market, CAM usually attends as a group. For more information, contact Tim. tim(AT)

What is the All Club meeting?
The purpose of this meeting is work together to prevent duplication and overlap among Ottawa area events and increase publicity for all shows, including the ByWard Market Auto Classic and Evolution of Wheels, held at the Museum of Science and Technology.