Capital Area Mopars

V0LUME 2-01



Minutes of CAM Meeting - 2004-01-20

Members in attendance: 11 

In this issue...

- Evolution of Wheels Show

- Carlisle 2004

- Pete Tessier Memorial 


            Evolution of Wheels 2004

- The show is in question for this year until we hear otherwise from the Museum, however, July 4th, 2004 is the tentative date for everyone’s calendar.

Carlisle 2004

- Thursday, July 8th to the 11th.

- Gil advised that the rooms in Schpennsburg were going fast so suggest you book ASAP...

Pete Tessier Memorial

- In memory of our friend, Pete, the club decided to make a donation on his behalf based upon his family’s wishes.

- Dean has the cheque and will contact the Tessiers...

Next Meeting scheduled for Monday, February 23rd, 2004.