Capital Area Mopars

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Minutes of CAM Meeting - 2003-06-10

Members in attendance: 10 

In this issue...

- Evolution of Wheels IV

- Carlisle

- Carm & Yuri’s Fun-filled Drive-In Potluck

- Syracuse, NY Goodguys Rod Show

- CAM Movie Night

- Hawkesbury Show with Pete’s Potluck...!

- Lake George Show 

- Xmas Party 2003

- W.O. Stinson Show 

- Bulletins

- Miscelleaneous 


Evolution of Wheels IV

- Tim brought the example for the Top

Ten plaque and everyone attending agreed with the concept so the trophies are looked after (yahoo!)

- if you’re volunteering, don’t forget to bring the following: hat, chair, water, and if you have a portable tent, bring it too.

- if you have a FRS radio, it would help out the show organizers when running around the Museum

- $10.00 show fee, registration starts at 8:30 AM, lunch included.

- CAM will be again making a charity donation toward the food kitchen at the Caldwell Family Centre.

- for the show volunteers, we’re going to be meeting at 7:00 AM at the former Hooter’s restaurant for breakfast at the corner of Innes Road and St. Laurent Boulevard, just look for all the pretty Mopars... :)

- Date remains Sunday, July 6th

Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals

- For all of you going down, the majority of us are leaving Thursday, July 10th, meeting at the Tim Horton’s in Mallorytown at 7:30 AM.

- Al and possibly Claude will be leaving Wednesday, however, Al respectfully requests that if we see him pulled over on the side of the road, it either means that he needs help or Claude is snoring too loud.... :)

Carm & Yuri’s Mopar Potluck

- Once again, those two crazy guys in Manotick are hosting a potluck drive-in for mostly Mopars on Saturday, August 9th.

- It was felt by some that it would be a nice gesture by the club to contribute something toward this effort.

- As usual, bring a chair, etc. and come out and socialize with your fellow car enthusiasts. The secret password to this event is: Birdie Num-num...

- Address and instructions to get to the site will be forthcoming.

Syracuse, NY Rod Show

- After recovering from Carlisle, some of us plan to go down to Syracuse on the weekend of July 19th and stay late to watch the burn-out contest so bring your cam-corders!

- Contact Rick Y. or Tim D. for trip details

Video Night!

- It’s 2 Fast 2 Furious so we’re aiming for Saturday, June 21st, around 8:00 PM, Rick to advise which theatre, etc., and e-mail everyone...

Hawkesbury Show

- August 3rd and Pete King has graciously offered to host his potluck BBQ at his place.

- For all the guys leaving from Ottawa, meet at the Tim Horton’s at Place D’Orleans around 8:00 AM for breakfast before driving out en masse to Hawkesbury.

Lake George

- Pete also mentioned the Lake George show happening on the weekend after Labour Day for anyone interested...

Xmas Party

- Joel advised that a new company has taken over the restaurant management at U of O, however, he will check into booking the room for the 1st week of December, 2003

Capital City Dragway Club Day

- We should get a club day organized for the new dragstrip at Capital City, to be determined...

W.O. Stinson

- There’s a show at the Stinson site on Hwy. 31 on Sunday, June 22nd starting at

10:00 AM, a good excuse for a Sunday drive and you can get some special go-juice for your ride...bring your wallet!


- To log in, username: guest

                   password: cam2003



- If you’re looking for something to do Saturday evening, some of us can be found at the “Nut” on Carling Avenue starting, oh, I don’t know, 8:00 PM or thereabouts... suggest you bring your portable chair to sit and prepare for some semi-serious bull sessions.... :) 

Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 8th, 2003