Capital Area Mopars

V0LUME 1 - 04      



Minutes of CAM Meeting - 2003-05-13

Members in attendance: 9 

In this issue...

- Evolution of Wheels IV

- Byward Market show

- Woodward Cruise

- Miscellaneous

Evolution of Wheels IV

- In regards to Tim’s suggestion, Rick to prepare a collage based on Gil’s photos of previous shows for “most popular car” trophy [Editor: Done!]

- Trophy classes remain the same with participant’s choice/no classes/ Top 10/ People’s Choice

- Date remains Sunday, July 6th

Speedorama 2003

- Apparently, some members attending said it just wasn’t worth the money, it

remains to be seen how next year’s show pans out...

Byward Market Show 2003

- Scheduled for June 1st, 2003 

- Dean confirmed that the club is registered for Parent Street

- Meet at the Beer Store, corner of Elgin and Isabella, south side of the Queensway at 8:30 AM and for heaven’s sake, if it’s raining, stay home!

Woodward Cruise / Mopar Fest

- Start thinking whether you want to attend, dates are August 15, 16, and 17th.

Prepare for a LONG drive plus (according to Tim) it’s going to rain...


- Some of the guys were going down to Syracuse on Saturday, May 17th for an automotive flea market held at the State Fairgrounds, meet at Woodroffe and Knoxville at 0745 hrs or contact Tim for further details...


- If you’re looking for something to do Saturday evening, some of us can be found at the “Nut” on Carling Avenue starting, oh, I don’t know, 8:00 PM or thereabouts... suggest you bring your portable chair to sit and prepare for some semi-serious bull sessions.... :) 

Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, June 10th, 2003