Capital Area Mopars

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Minutes of CAM Meeting - 2003-04-08

Members in attendance: 9 

In this issue...

- Evolution of Wheels IV

- Speedorama 2003 weekend activities

- Club membership card?

- Byward Market show

- On-line club application form revision

- Canada’s Capital Dragway

- Miscellaneous

- Items for sale

Evolution of Wheels IV

- Graham from the Museum met with us to discuss latest details about this year’s show.

- The museum is looking at celebrating the 100th anniversary of Buick, so owners of classic Buicks are encouraged to participate.

- It was suggested that we give the Buicks “feature car” status by parking up on the ridge.

- Some other details of the show include:

        Busker show - “Cow” guys

        Driveway shutdown

        Warehouse tour

        OPP participation (?)

        New cafeteria

        Restoration volunteer work

        On-site sanitation

        Show featured via possible hyperlink on Museum website

- Tim made an excellent suggestion to have the most popular car appear on next year’s trophy instead of our current logo.

- Trophy classes remain the same with participant’s choice/no classes/ Top 10/ People’s Choice

Speedorama 2003

- As you know, CAM will not be participating as a club at this event however, for something to do on Saturday, April 26th, club members are invited to go for beer and wings, please contact Tim Dunn for further details...

Club Membership Card

- Neil suggested the possibility of CAM club membership cards as an added incentive and value-added service to offer

prospective members...

Byward Market Show 2003

- Scheduled for June 1st, 2003

- Meet at the Beer Store at 8:30 AM and for heaven’s sake, if it’s raining, stay home!

On-line club application form

- Revisions to text were suggested to reflect current status on club membership, to be updated on website by Neil...

Canada’s Capital Dragway

- The CCD will be hosting an IHRA sanctioned “Summit” 3-part SuperSeries Program for Box and no Box

- Over $100,000 up for grabs, prizes include a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, turnkey Worthy dragster, 555 CID race block and a Buell Blast motorcycle.

- For further info, go to the website at


- Rick would like to organize a drive-in for the club during the summer/fall, details to follow, TBD...

- Neil mentioned that we need to renew the domain name for our website, Neil to forward costs to Tim, our faithful club treasurer... :)

- Glenn hasn’t decided yet whether to buy that 2004 Viper...

- Rick highly motivated to begin work on his Dart after visiting the following website (thanks to Mr. King):

Items for Sale


2 Tires         - Mickey Thompson

                       Sportman Pro with tubes.

                    - 26 x 12.5 x 15, good for

                       another season or two.

                    - $100.00


Gears           - 3.23:1 with 741 case.

                    - Sure grip. Complete, ready

                       to bolt in. Good condition.

                    - $350.00


2 Heads       - Small block. Casting

                      #3769974 with rocker arms.

                    - Reconditioned, approx.

                      1000 miles

                    - Best offer


Wiper Mtr   - 3-speed w/ switch from

                      1969 Dart Custom.

                    - Willing to trade for 2-speed

                        motor for Dart...

                    - Best offer

Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 13th, 2003

                                                                        THINGS TO COME:

- Interesting Mopar-related websites

- Glenn Nixon’s trip to the Ford and

  Chrysler museum, complete with pics

- Video of the club day at Luskville last


- Latest press kits from Dodge...