Capital Area Mopars

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Minutes of CAM Meeting - 2003-02-11

Members in attendance: 15 

In this issue...

- Acclamation

- Speedorama 2003

- Evolution of Wheels IV

- Hotel Reservation at Carlisle

- CAM Website-based bulletin

- Cancellation of “Redneck” party - Daytona

- Membership Renewal

- Border Crossing

- Miscellaneous


- Not enough members in attendance, therefore, incumbents to remain in place, however, volunteers greatly encouraged...

Speedorama 2003

- The club doesn’t have any “new” cars to show so it doesn’t look like we will be actively participating unless something comes up...

- Therefore, all club members are asked to provide a commitment no later than April 25th

- In addition, Spring Carlisle is happening at the same time

Evolution of Wheels IV

- Scheduled for July 6th at the Museum of Science and Technology, more details to follow

Hotel Reservation at Carlisle

- Book your rooms now for Carlisle or else...! AmeriHost Inn can be reached at 1-800-434-5800 or vial the Internet at

CAM Website-based Bulletin

- Something that Rick is attempting to do to keep club members informed by publishing bulleting/minutes on our CAM website. A slowly-evolving work in progress... crits and comments freely welcomed!

2003 Daytona 500 ‘Neck Party

- Unfortunately, this year’s party is cancelled at the Yates residence, however, it did rain for most of the race.

Membership Renewal      

- We’re currently holding off on accepting funds for new members until we decide what we are offering in way of club membership, more details to follow.

Border Crossing

- Rick advised that it would be probably be wise to obtain your passport for crossing the US border due to recent events and enhanced security measures being contemplated by the US government.


- Glenn Nixon sold his ‘Cuda!!!!

Next Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 11th, 2003